The Boot Kidz by Karen Henry, Bootkidz Ltd Reg.06581865, London, UK, Est. 2005,
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The Boot Kidz — Colour

Ideas for Window Displays

Karen Henry Colour Form Mannequins Planning Shape techniques Visual merchandising window display

Visual merchandising is a marketing practice in which the brand or image from one product or service is used to sell another.Ā  Merchandising itself is selling products that are related to theĀ core business. For example, selling baseball caps at a baseball game is merchandising. Visual merchandisingĀ are the ways in which merchandise is sold.Ā Visual merchandisingĀ is creating attractive displays and careful placement of visual elements - which can be anything - photos, pictures, sofas, lighting, to increase sales of merchandise. It is a well known that the human eye is naturally attracted to colours and shapes.The famous Russian artist Kandinsky created abstract...

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