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Wellington Boot translated in different languages

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Wellington Boot translated in different languages

What are wellies called in different countries, cultures, and languages? We've translated "Wellies" and "Wellington Boots" using Google translate and researched the word in a number of online dictionaries. Here are the results: Wellington Boot Translations Use this table to find out what "Wellington Boots" are called around the world. Language Country Translation Reference Links English England (UK)  Wellies, Wellingtons, Wellington Boots, Gumboots Wellington Boot - Portuguese, English Brazil (UK) Galochas, Botas Borracha (Rubber boots), Botas Chuva (Rain boots) Botas Borracha - Botas Polish Poland  Buty Gumowe, buty deszcz, Gumowe Kaloszy Polish Wikipedia Buy (Magnum - Polish Website) Dutch Netherlands,...

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