The Boot Kidz by Karen Henry, Bootkidz Ltd Reg.06581865, London, UK, Est. 2005,
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The Boot Kidz — London Design Week

London Design Week 2012

Karen Henry Cork Exhibition Lamp shades London Design Week Materials New Designs Show

London Design Week 2012

Author: Karen Henry, Chief Designer, Bootkidz Ltd London, UK Email: Google+ Facebook Twitter September in London is Design Week (LDW) where local and international furniture designers and retailers exhibit their products in venues all around London The largest exhibition that is held every year is at Earls Court. This exhibition used to have established furniture companies exhibiting alongside new designers. In 2012 this show focused more on established local and international furniture companies and architectural suppliers. LDW Coffee SHop For me, LDW is about the excitement of new designs, imagination, and seeing how a material has been used to create an...

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