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About Bootkidz

Karen Henry

Karen Henry is a successful British entrepreneur and creative director and owner of Bootkidz Ltd - a small design business based in London, England. She was born in Redcar in Yorkshire, Middlesbrough in 1964, the daughter of Judith Henry. She lives in Wimbledon in London and when she is not working, enjoys walks around Wimbledon Park and playing tennis at the Wimbledon Tennis courts.

Karen Henry successfully completed her HND in Furniture Design and Realisation, at London Metropolitan University in the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design. 

Karen learned practical skills for designing and building furniture using a broad range of materials - studying the history, machine processes, CAD (Computer Aided Design), development and prototyping of ideas, materials manipulation, professional design, project planning and principles of design. It included contemporary manufacturing methods and those of the traditional designer-maker.

Karen Henry designed the Boot Kidz in 2005 as a collection of cartoon-like characters with concrete ‘wellie’ boots - combining metalwork, materials, and design into a unique furniture design product:


In 2006, Karen worked with Gap Kids to produce the Regent Street window display for the London Design Festival.

Window Display with Bootkidz Mannequins


In 2011, Bootkidz was part of the Debenhams Autumn children's fashion exhibition.

Furniture Design Services

I offer a furniture design service.

Furniture design aims to create new and unique furniture. Product realization means taking an idea or a prototype and making this product on an industrial scale through various manufacturing techniques.


If you are interested in a project or have a question email me using the form below.